The Omphalos Performance Project is a non-profit performing arts production company founded in 2017 by poet, actor, and director Kosta Demos.

OUR MISSION:  At the core of O.P.P.’s vision is a dedication to cross-disciplinary synthesis - presenting both newly commissioned works and pieces drawn from the canon, we aim to draw writers, musicians and visual artists (including those not generally associated with the theater) into the center of the production process to work on equal terms, rather than concentrating almost exclusively on the actors’ relationship to the text.

While focusing chiefly on historically informed works, O.P.P.  also intends to serve as a megaphone for new voices.  Every year, Boston’s schools and universities produce a large crop of energetic and gifted artists, musicians and performers.  Yet many of them (especially those from communities of color) find it difficult to gain a professional foot-hold in the area’s tight-knit performing arts community.  We plan to reach out aggressively and provide a springboard to this diverse and exciting pool of emerging talent.

Omphalos Performance Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and  we depend on the generosity of  the community to support our on-going mission to bring exciting new voices and productions to the Boston stage.  We hope you'll join other theater lovers and members of Boston's cultural community in supporting this ongoing creative endeavor by  clicking the button below and making a tax-deductible donation to Omphalos Performance project.